What is Front End? And how it influences my creative life

If you have chosen to follow your professional life along the path of web programming, you should know that it is an area of ​​the best paid. It has a wide range of activities where you must choose what you are going to specialize in and it is best to have a very clear objective.

You can choose to schedule for personal projects, have an online store or simple websites, but no matter what your goal you must understand very well what you are doing and why. Within the web development there are many activities, but staying with a goal will be what guides you to know what to learn at the beginning and what to expect later.

If you are already determined to start your career within web programming, you must start by choosing between back end or front end development. This time we will explain what the front end is about.

What is the front end?


Front end refers to everything that is visible to the users of a website. All the design part such as the menu, buttons, images and other elements that allow browsing within a web page and this set creates the user experience.

Professionals dedicated to the front end tend to be creative and also have skills oriented to graphic design, although their work goes much further than everything looks good. They should also keep in mind the user experience and the interface to make the interaction with a site simple, easy to navigate and convenient to use. The main programming languages ​​for a front end are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What is HTML and CSS for?

The front end is responsible for when a user enters a web page, find a simple interface to use, attractive and functional. If you achieve a positive user experience, this can get them to navigate a site for longer, attract other users and of course, it helps to give visibility and engagement to a brand with its audience.

This programming language is what will help us create interactive and more dynamic websites. You can add buttons that fulfill certain functions such as posting on social networks and also help to categorize the areas where a visitor clicks.

As a front end programmer it is important that you stay updated on the latest trends and developments in terms of web design. The world of development is changing daily! If you are just beginning to learn web development oriented to the front end, it is important that you work on projects where you can apply your knowledge and if you do not know where to start, maybe you could with one of the courses that we are going to mention.


As we already mentioned, a fundamental part of the front end are the programming languages ​​HTML and CSS, which are the ones that will help you to give structure and style to a website. With this course you will learn to use them from the most basic. With these bases and a little practice, rest assured that you can specialize in front end development as an expert.

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