Do you know everything you can do with Photoshop?

Do you know everything you can do with Photoshop?

Photoshop is a key tool for photographers, designers and video editors. As part of the Creative Cloud plan, it is available for a monthly subscription that makes it more accessible than ever even for amateurs.

Photoshop can be overwhelming when you start using it. The initial interface is full of buttons, bars and varied options so it is difficult to know where to start. In this guide we will tell you some things you can do if you are starting with this software.

1. Edit photos

The very name of this software suggests us since it is used for photo editing, even after a quarter of a century and other programs as competition, the number one is still Photoshop. Since you can modify any image and pixel in any way you can think of.

– Intensify colors, add contrast or crop the image

– Make a retouch so that the image is like a magazine

– Do you have an old photo that you want to make look new? With this program it is possible

You can basically edit images in any way possible with this software, which is industry standard. Although it is possible to carry out other tasks, this program is primarily an image editor.

edit photos with PS

Find a Photoshop course according to your needs

2. Digital painting

Many paintings, drawings, book covers and art that is created with brushes, paintings and book covers are not made with brushes, paintings or canvases. Maybe it is not always obvious, but its realization is digital.

Digital painting uses technology to emulate the old school with a brush in the hand and a beret on the head. With a Waccom tablet you can paint or draw without using a mouse or a touchpad. This means that you can put together the best of two worlds: a tool with which you can make free-hand strokes, but which is recognized by the digital format.

If you fear that the combinations of your favorite colors can not be reproduced, as with oil or acrylic painting. Quiet, with Photoshop it is possible to find exactly the colors you are looking for. Do you want a spray paint effect? Here is everything you are looking for.

If you want to know in more detail how to use Photoshop, to make digital painting we recommend this course .

digital painting PS

3. Graphic design

Although there are specialized programs for graphic design such as InDesign and Illustrator, many of the tools they have are also incorporated into Photoshop.

It is true that if you plan to do continuous graphic design, it would be best to use some other option, but with Photoshop you can quickly get out of step, either to make a Christmas card, a quick logo for a special order. Jamá underestimate his power.

graphic design

4. Web design

One of the most important steps in web design is to create a mock up or mockup in an application such as Photoshop. This step is commonly skipped by amateurs, to go straight to the code instead of taking the time to really plan how they want the site to look. It is not enough to have a sketch in the thought.

The reason is that having just one idea brings all kinds of problems. The designs need a lot of adjustments, in addition to many comings and goings to make things fit completely. For example, it could take you a long time to do something with code, which you could have saved from the beginning with Photoshop.

Starting with Photoshop ensures that you can resize objects, move objects around the page and try new ideas. Once you start working with HTML a little twist can ruin all the work that was behind. Anyone who wants to design web, must start with Photoshop.

Web design

5. Edit video

If you’re wondering, is it really possible to edit video in Photoshop? Here we reaffirm you: it is possible. Probably if you are aspiring to make a Hollywood movie, this is not your best option. But it is definitely possible and even convenient to edit short clips.

The best thing about editing video in Photoshop is that you will quickly identify the adjustment layers, just like when you edit photographs. If you want to convert a regular video that you recorded with your iPhone, in a high contrast black and white. You can do it with only three layers.

Another advantage that you have using Photoshop to edit videos is that although you do not master other tools such as Premiere Pro or After Effects, you can use your experience editing photos with this software. Also a plus, is that you can create GIFs.

edit video

What do you think of these proposals to get the most out of Photoshop? Nol forget that updating and expanding your knowledge will give you a better chance of getting the job of your dreams.


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