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Introduction to Cinema 4D


Cinema 4D is the most used software for 3D development in the creative industry. Its friendly interface and different tools allow to perform such wide-ranging works from the field of animation to advertising 3D. At the same time, the possibility of integrating it with other softwares such as Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects makes it a more efficient tool when it comes to practical work.

  • – Introduction to the Cinema 4D interface
  • – Working method
  • – Primitives
  • – Subdivision of surface
  • – Vectors
  • – Extrusion
  • – Splines and routes –
  • Metaball and cloner
  • – Boolean and formation of atoms
  • – Creation and application of cyclorams
  • – Lights and cameras
  • – Vray, Render King and Vray Studio
  • – Creation of materials
  • – Principles of animation
  • – Rigging and animation of rigging
  • – Creation of logo, identity, elements


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